Hi everyone. Helium released a new update of the Miner software (2022.27.1.0) yesterday. Our devices are checking regularly if there’s a new update and apply it automatically to every hotspot.

The same thing happened in the last couple of hours, but this time, the update script threw out errors. This caused several hotspots to not start up the recent Helium Miner software update correctly.

The issue was passed to our developers, the bug was found and they are deploying an emergency update as we speak. Leave your devices connected to make sure that you receive the update as soon as possible. Most of the fleet is already updated and the update deployment should be done within the next 60 minutes.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and confusion caused and thank you for your patience! Your devices will go back to mining work in a few minutes at latest.

Additional note: The miner update button in the Dashboard will be temporarily “disarmed” after the emergency update is applied. This means, manual miner updates are not possible at the moment. The feature will be re-enabled on Monday, as some more development work will be done to prevent such issues in the future.