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This is a BIG announcement!


Over the last few weeks, we’ve spent dozens of days and sleepless nights thinking about how we can add value to you with Controllino Hotspot and what we can do better – especially in these times of low rates and the constant expansion of the network, which among other things means that earnings are being spread across more and more devices.

That’s why our heads have been smoking a lot… and today we now want to announce to you how we as Controllino Hotspot Team & Community will counteract all this. Fasten your seatbelts, these are the two big news:


Since our devices are all high performance (8GB RAM, Quad Core,…), we now want to fully access and utilize this power. That’s why we are now releasing a premium feature called Hotspot Apps with CONTROLLINO MultiMine™ – starting on May 17th, you will be able to mine MULTIPLE COINS AT THE SAME TIME and install ADDITIONAL APPS with your Controllino Hotspots! That’s right. From now on your hotspot mines not only HNT but also other coins & tokens. How the whole thing works, how much it costs, which coins & apps can be installed at launch and more details you can find out at the following link:


We have a new hotspot on offer as of today! Hotspot Pro is the enhanced version of the Controllino Hotspot, with great new features:

  • Finally there is WiFi! This allows you to connect your Hotspot Pro wirelessly to your network and be more independent in the positioning of the miner.
  • USB Add-ons! Hotspot Pro now has 2 open USB slots! This is a gamechanger. This allows you to connect compatible modules like LTE sticks or hard drives directly to the hotspot and activate them via the dashboard. This opens up completely new possibilities in the deployment of hotspots.
  • Better thermal properties! The Hotspot Pro has now got ventilation slots, as well as a brighter color (Lime Gold), so that the cooling properties are again improved by a lot. Of course, we still kept the sturdy & high quality aluminum case.
  • Available at the price of €379 excl. tax! Light Hotspots can be built by others – with us, you get a Light Price! That’s why we offer the Hotspot Pro as an Early Bird Special for the first 5,000 orders for €379 – and thus significantly cheaper than almost all currently available mining devices. The delivery time is currently 8 weeks and the device can be pre-ordered here:
    V1 is still available at the currently valid conditions, if you need it a little faster!


We’ve been fighting, calling and typing our fingers to the bone – but as it looks, our display supplier still leaves us hanging and keeps postponing the delivery. Since we don’t know what will happen next and especially when, and at the same time we don’t want to keep you waiting any longer, we now offer the following options for all V2 customers:

  • Option 1: You can convert your order to a Hotspot V1 order, with currently valid delivery times of 5-7 business days. The difference will be refunded to you during the month.
  • Option 2: You can convert your order to a Hotspot Pro order including Hotspot Apps license. We would be happy to keep you as a customer if you like one of these solutions.

Please contact our support for your order directly to discuss the further procedure, should you be affected by this.


A more detailed announcement with graphics, info and more can be found on the following page: – we want to say a big THANK YOU for your loyalty, and hope to show you with this news that we are real innovation leaders in this space. Not everything runs smoothly all the time, but we do our best day and night, so that you are maximally satisfied with us and with our product. We are curious to hear what you have to say!

Dashboard Version 1.10 Update scheduled at 8PM UTC (9PM Germany Time)

Hi everyone! Dashboard Update for Version 1.1 is scheduled at 9PM Germany Time. Please leave your devices connected and don’t do anything on your devices from 9PM to 10PM. We added a few new cool features, which are:

  • Current Statistics of RAM, Disk, CPU Load and Temperature
  • New Action: Shutdown Miner (which is way more safe than just plugging it out and in again, so that no accidental breaks on the SD card can happen)
  • New Action: Clear Miner Data (with this, you can clean up the SD card before it gets full completely on your own, if you want to do it earlier than our script does it, or you can clean the miner cache up if you have corrupted blocks or snapshots. Please note that this is like a “factory reset” of the miner software itself, so you will need to wait for 20-30 minutes until you see information in the dashboard again. Also you will probably need to issue an instasync after that time to speed up the sync process)

Batch 4 is out, shipping in 3 to 7 weeks!

Hi everyone. It’s quite a nice Sunday here in Austria, and we just got the perfect news for such a nice day: we will be able to get our hands on additional 3000 Raspberry Pi 4 units a lot earlier than planned, which is absolutely amazing – considering the fact that they are out of stock literally everywhere.

This means, we are able to make another Batch that ships out starting from 1st March! Every device will be produced and sent out until End of March. Meaning, you will be able to get your hotspot in 3 to 7 weeks at latest.

We have really come a long way since we started this journey. In contrast to last year, we have almost nailed our recent shipment schedules for Batch 3 and 3B and are already moving on to Batch 3C. Also, the 3000 Raspberry Pis will arrive earlier than 1st March, but we know that unforseen things can happen, that’s why we added a buffer window, just to be sure.

Shipment will work based on order number ascending. Meaning, the earlier you order, the earlier you will get your Hotspot in March. So be quick! 🙂

Click here to go to the product order page

Miner software not starting up (FIXED)

Hi everyone. Helium released a new update of the Miner software (2022.27.1.0) yesterday. Our devices are checking regularly if there’s a new update and apply it automatically to every hotspot.

The same thing happened in the last couple of hours, but this time, the update script threw out errors. This caused several hotspots to not start up the recent Helium Miner software update correctly.

The issue was passed to our developers, the bug was found and they are deploying an emergency update as we speak. Leave your devices connected to make sure that you receive the update as soon as possible. Most of the fleet is already updated and the update deployment should be done within the next 60 minutes.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and confusion caused and thank you for your patience! Your devices will go back to mining work in a few minutes at latest.

Additional note: The miner update button in the Dashboard will be temporarily “disarmed” after the emergency update is applied. This means, manual miner updates are not possible at the moment. The feature will be re-enabled on Monday, as some more development work will be done to prevent such issues in the future.

Shipping End Dates Information for Batch 2, 3, 3B & 3C

Hi from Controllino,

First of all, we wish you a good start into the year 2022. We are definitely excited for it, and we have a large list of improvements and new products coming this year. We have learned tons of stuff from 2021 and there were ups and downs. The Helium road can be bumpy sometimes, let’s be honest here. But this year we want to make sure that the ups outweigh the downs by a lot.

A big part of that is increased transparency. This is why we will now announce shipping start AND end dates every time a new Batch or product is launched, so that everyone knows what to expect exactly when ordering products from us.

Let’s kick it off: Batch 2 shipments have started, and will be followed by Batch 3, 3B and 3C. We would now like to send you an update on the shipping deadlines, so that everyone is clearly informed when devices will be sent out at latest.

When will I get my hotspot?

  • BATCH 2: All devices will be sent out until 14th January 2022
  • BATCH 3: All devices will be sent out until 31st January 2022
  • BATCH 3B: All devices will be sent out until 31st January 2022
  • BATCH 3C: All devices will be sent out until 22th February 2022

This are shipping end dates, not start dates. This means, we plan to finalize all orders and shipments according to the dates mentioned above.

Who will get the hotspots first?

The community decided through our most recent voting that devices should be sent out per order number. Meaning, the lower your order number, the earlier you will get your hotspot (“first-come-first-serve” principle).

Information on Order Numbers: Our order numbers are ascending, but they are not consecutive. This means, if you have order number #2001, this does not mean that the next order number is #2002 and the next one of that is #2003. It can also be #2008, for example.

Can I refund my order still?

Yes, you are eligible for a refund at any time, and up to 14 days after you receive the device. Please note that refunds take 5-10 business days to process, especially for credit card payments. This is not in our hands, but rather in the hands of the banks and payment providers, and we cannot decrease the time until you get your refund.

Thank you!

Thank you for adding Hotspot Apps to the cart. Here’s an important info:
Make sure that you don’t have any other product in your cart!

If you plan to buy Controllino Hotspot or Controllino Hotspot Pro, first order the products, and then make a new order for the Hotspot Apps license.

Otherwise, your license will be sent later when the products in your cart are sent as well.

Pre-Orders for Batch 3 launching soon.

We will be opening up Pre-orders for Batch 3 starting at some day next week, between Sep. 13 2021 and Sep. 19 2021. We will NOT publish the date and time beforehand for obvious reasons.

Oh, and as we have your attention now, we would like to raise our glasses for a second and make a toast:

As most of you already know, we have now finished our successful launch campaign for Batch 1 and 2 through our waitlist. Although it was quite an amount of work to manage all pre-orders, inquiries and messages in the last couple of weeks, the effort was worth it: the pre-orders were very organized, our server infrastructure was rock-stable and we got amazing feedback from the community.

So we just want to let you know: thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your compliments and feedback, and for joining and especially trusting us on this incredible journey! We know that trust is everything in this space. It’s amazing to see that our work pays off and you honestly believe in us. So again: Thank you for having you on board. You are amazing.

See you next week!

PS: don’t hestiate to write us in our Discord if you have questions, feedback or other ideas!

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Please fill out the form to reserve your first-class seats and be the first to know when Controllino Hotspots goes into sale. Everyone who entered the waitlist until 25th August 2021 will be considered in Batch #1. If you enter after this date, your seats will be reserved for Batch #2 and above.

Current Status

This chart gets updated daily – last update was on September 7th 2021 at 1:30 AM (Berlin Time). Please note: some people drop out of the waitlist or don’t place their order timely. If you have luck, you can still land in one of the earlier Batches. The earlier you enter, the better.

Batch #1 (3.000 Pieces - Mid October 2021)
Full 100%
Batch #2 (4.000 Pieces - End December 2021)
Full 100%
Batch #3 (3.000 Pieces - End January 2022)
Full 100%
Batch #4 (20.000 Pieces - May 2022)
Batch #5 (25.000 Pieces - July 2022)
Well available 0%
Batch #6 (25.000 Pieces - August 2022)
Well available 0%