Hi from Controllino,

First of all, we wish you a good start into the year 2022. We are definitely excited for it, and we have a large list of improvements and new products coming this year. We have learned tons of stuff from 2021 and there were ups and downs. The Helium road can be bumpy sometimes, let’s be honest here. But this year we want to make sure that the ups outweigh the downs by a lot.

A big part of that is increased transparency. This is why we will now announce shipping start AND end dates every time a new Batch or product is launched, so that everyone knows what to expect exactly when ordering products from us.

Let’s kick it off: Batch 2 shipments have started, and will be followed by Batch 3, 3B and 3C. We would now like to send you an update on the shipping deadlines, so that everyone is clearly informed when devices will be sent out at latest.

When will I get my hotspot?

This are shipping end dates, not start dates. This means, we plan to finalize all orders and shipments according to the dates mentioned above.

Who will get the hotspots first?

The community decided through our most recent voting that devices should be sent out per order number. Meaning, the lower your order number, the earlier you will get your hotspot (“first-come-first-serve” principle).

Information on Order Numbers: Our order numbers are ascending, but they are not consecutive. This means, if you have order number #2001, this does not mean that the next order number is #2002 and the next one of that is #2003. It can also be #2008, for example.

Can I refund my order still?

Yes, you are eligible for a refund at any time, and up to 14 days after you receive the device. Please note that refunds take 5-10 business days to process, especially for credit card payments. This is not in our hands, but rather in the hands of the banks and payment providers, and we cannot decrease the time until you get your refund.