Hi everyone! We recently had a bunch of hotspots that got full SD cards and weren’t cleaned automatically, which is usually the case. We have talked to the Helium developer team now to know how to mitigate these cases.

We have now released a script to every hotspot that will automatically clean up the SD card (like Blockchain cache and more) when it is close to going full. The script works as follows:

As soon as the miner software restarts, it will take roughly 30-60 minutes until it is “useful” again. From then on, you can check your dashboard and see what the current miner height is. If it says “1” or “-1”, don’t be worried, it just means it needs a bit more time.

After roughly 3-4 hours, please check again, and if you still see low height, please issue an instasync through the instasync button.

All miners already received an update, however we have a handful of them that couldn’t get the emergency commands through. We are fixing them one by one at this moment now. Fixing should be finished in roughly two hours.

We will closely monitor the script on every hotspot and have implemented an alarm system through our management dashboard for hotspots that go over the 80% limit, so that manual intervention can happen before disaster strikes.